• Expertly-curated luxury: italist review

    I am very happy and proud to announce that from now on I am collaborating with italist, which is an online marketplace fully dedicated to luxury brands. That’s why I thought I write you an italist review about this company.
    italist is the first platform to offer direct-to-consumer imports of luxury goods exclusively from Italy. Through italist, you can purchase brand-new, genuine, in-season clothing and accessories from their partner boutiques in Italy. The same high-quality products you would find on other sites are available at a lower retail price through their partner boutiques—up to 30% less—so italist always provides the best value. Paying 30% less than other e-commerce websites price, as you are using the platform to import directly  from Italy and skipping  the middle retailer. Their online shop gives you access to more than 1000 international brands and 200000 luxury items across Italy. It carries high fashion items (clothes, shoes and  accessories)  from over 200 Italian boutiques integrated in its platform.
    How can you order products from italist? After you purchase an item on www.italist.com, one of their partner boutiques in Italy receives your order and prepares the product for the shipment then italist takes care of everything else. Their team tracks the payment through their trusted billing service, handles the import/export process and oversees the delivery from the Italian boutique to your doorstep. It does not only provide you with the latest designer  collections, as well as access to limited exclusive pieces, but also saves you lots of money and you don’t need to waste your time crawling in shops.
    Recently I received a package from italist as a gift. They sent me a pair of sneakers, which is embroidered and embellished as well. It’s from Golden Goose. Two Venetian designers founded this Italian brand. Many celebrities wear their sneakers from Selena Gomez to Rita Ora.

    You can order this multicolour leather shoes with floral motif or similar Golden Goose sneakers by clicking this link: https://www.italist.com/en/Women/Shoes/Sneakers/Golden-Goose-Superstar-Flower-Leo-Sneakers/10484140/10653779/Golden-Goose/ Its price is 950 Euro.

    On other platforms you can buy exactly the same Superstar flower leo sneakers for much higher price, for instance almost around 1400 Euro. You can find other models from Golden Goose here: https://www.italist.com/en/women/1/?q=golden%20goose 
    The shipping is fast with DHL, in 4 days your items will be delivered with no flight to Italy, nor go through the pains of VAT reimbursements.

    There are some of my favourite heavy luxury brands on italist you can order from: Gucci, Balenciaga and Dilara Findikoglu. I will definitely order some designer pieces through italist – maybe I will write another italist review on my blog. You can order women’s shoes here: https://www.italist.com/en/women/shoes/108 

    Have you shopped on italist? Leave your own italist review in my comments below!

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