• Summer of Sicis: Caravaggio collection

    Summer focuses on a collection with a fresh and brilliant design, born from the collaboration between SICIS Jewels and Jewellery Theatre. It’s made of five precious watches, testimony to the imagination, precision and craftsmanship of both companies.
    The micromosaic technique applied to jewellery was born in Rome in the 18th century when such elaborate artefacts conquered the European nobility of the time. The Italian company, division of SICIS, has spent over 20 years of historical and technological researches to bring this art to new lustre and apply it to modern masterpieces with greater precision and refinement.

    Jewellery Theater was founded in 1998 to bridge a gap between the world of Art and Jewellery, creating over twenty collections of distinctive jewels. The quality of the stones and materials remains of fundamental importance, and so the soul of each piece.

    The watches, decorated with micromosaic, precious stones and gold, become part of the Caravaggio collection, one of the first designed by JT, where the splendour of still lifes from Michelangelo to Caravaggio inspired artists and goldsmiths to shape an extraordinary assortment of exclusive fruits, capturing the succulent beauty of Mother Nature’s creations.

    These small works represent the perfect sections of citrus fruit, the precise geometry of a slice of apple, the sparkling and seductive flesh of a ripe strawberry, figures full of sun and warmth. Objects which embody the value of a jewel along with an ancient art like micromosaic.

    Source: Sicis press