• Culinary delights in harmony with the new design at DSK

    The award-winning restaurant of The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest continues its route in the Hungarian gastronomy culture with a new menu and name. DSK Wine & Grill launches the new fall/winter menu with separated choices for lunch and dinner period, where guests are able to choose their favourite options. 

    The new dishes are made from the freshest and most delicious Hungarian ingredients specific to the fall/winter season, offering the perfect combination of flavours, catering for both the local market and tourists visiting Budapest. The restaurant, located in the building of The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest executes a culinary concept which represents the international classics with a twist of seasonal Hungarian cuisine. 

    The new menu of DSK Wine & Grill offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from lighter vegetable dishes to rich meaty dishes. The restaurant also pays attention to catering for those with special dietary needs. 

    The guests of DSK Wine & Grill have the opportunity to taste special dishes such as Chantarelle mushroom polenta, roasted chicken supréme or beef-lamb sausages, combined with sides such as breaded carrots, caramelised cauliflower or cabbage-tomato pottage. Moreover, classics from the street food and grill selection can be found in the new menu, too. Guests also have the chance to taste the newly introduced wine & cocktail selection of the restaurant, which reflects the festive season’s flavors and colors. 

    ’When creating the new fall/winter menu, I wanted to combine the traditions of Hungarian culinary with a twist of the current trends.’ – Attila Purger, Chef De Cuisine & The DSK Team