• Michelin starred Spanish dinner in Budapest

    The Spanish Extravaganza Festival by LaLiga brought the true Spanish culinary experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest. For the first time in Budapest, five award-winning Spanish chefs gave the guests the chance to taste bespoke regional tapas, signature paellas and Michelin-star fine dining with authentic Spanish food and wines in a true Spanish lifestyle experience with live music performance (flamenco and Spanish inspired Opera songs). 

    Michelin-star Rafael Centeno Moyer, master chef of Maruja Limon in Vigo, a restaurant that has maintained a Michelin star since 2010, Ager Urigüen, owner-chef of the Txokoa restaurant in Berlin and Jordi Gimeno Benito, the crowned king of Spanish national cuisine cooked Spanish delightes from all regions together with 2 other Spanish Chefs from Andalucia and Tenerife. 

    Saturday was the night of the sophisticated Spanish cuisine: a refined six-course menu was created by Michelin-star Rafael Centeno Moyer.
    Rafael Centeno is a fully self-taught chef, who wandered into the kitchen of his wife’s restaurant one day, and ten years later was awarded his city’s only Michelin star Chef. He has also been listed in the 100 best chefs in Spain by Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia, the country’s most prestigious gourmand guide. 

    The menu contained the following courses:
    1. Spanish pork donut and truffle mayonnaise
    2. Pickled blue fish, strawberry and beet
    3. Roasted scallop with a potato and seaweed stew
    4. Sea bass, roasted garlic essence, seasoned spring onion and liquefied buds
    5. Sweet and sour Spanish pork, marinated cucumber and yogurt
    6. Vanilla, cardamom and passion roe tocinillo

    I had a chance to try some Michelin starred restaurants abroad until now, that’s why I was glad to be invited to taste some special dishes in my home country. This incredible dining experience was a great occasion to get together with my fellow Hungarians. I absolutely enjoyed this exclusive menu with my friends.