• Luxury Lifestyle Awards: TOP 16 best luxury influencers and bloggers in the world 2023

    I’ve been nominated to the first international influencer awards, Influencer Awards Monaco, which was a great opportunity for me as a fashion blogger and a huge respect for my work and online presence. HRH Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, the Duchess of Castro herself has chosen me along with other bloggers and influencers during the Influencer Awards Monaco in 2018 where I was in the Top 20 of it. Just like a few years ago, a New York based PR agency found me and sent an email that I am nominated. Their clients come from a wide range of sectors across architecture, interior design, real estate, hospitality, food & beverage and the luxury goods industries from United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, etc.
    This year based on the nomination of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards after the 3rd round I became the 16th out of the 20 best luxury bloggers in the world. It is an honor and a great achievement to me. In case of both nominations, I am the only fashion blogger of Hungarian origin to receive international recognition: https://luxurylifestyleawards.com/LLA_2023_Top_50_Best_Luxury_Influencers_and_Bloggers_Global_Luxury_Winners_Report.pdf