• Vote for me at Influencer Awards Monaco

    I just realised that I just got into the 2nd round of Influencer Awards Monaco. Please vote for me on the Awards’ https://trustinfluencer.com/ website every day. It only takes a minute and you can use your Facebook account or a simple email address to login. You can find me on the 10th row, 2nd from the left. Just click on me!
    Thank you for your help and support in advance, it means a lot to me. I’m in the fashion category that also includes a handful of my all-time favourite bloggers, influencers and celebrities I admire their work and internet presence. There are big guns like Bagsnob, Victoria Bonya, Valentina Marzullo, Janni Delér, Caroline Einhoff, Lima’s Wardrobe or Toni Mahfud and I’m proud to be featured also as the only Hungarian. 

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