• Minimalism in extremis: Black Badge Ghost

    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has always attracted clients who are not satisfied with their status quo
    -women and men who built their success by taking risks and challenging conventions. In the 2020s, these women and men engage with luxury products on their own terms. They have created new codes of luxury that resonate with their sensibilities: darker in aesthetic, assertive in character and bold in design. Their approach to Rolls-Royce products is no different.

    Within the Ghost group of clients -who celebrate minimalism and material substance- a certain subset sought to create a disruptive expression of Ghost.

    The marque has responded accordingly, developing new colour palettes, more technical surface treatments and even more powerful  driving experiences without ever compromising the effortless sensibilities that have drawn this bold group of clients to the Rolls-Royce brand. Black Badge Ghost is the dark side of Post Opulence: minimalism in extremis.

    Clients are free to select any of the marque’s 44,000 ‘ready-to-wear’ colours or create their own entirely unique Bespoke hue. However, the overwhelming majority of women and men who requested this darker expression of Ghost have selected the signature Black.

    The engineers created a vivid driving personality that matched Black Badge Ghost’s visual intent  without compromising the marque’s effortless ride proclivities and exhaustive acoustic tuning.

    The peerless Ghost engineering qualities have been comprehensively re-engineered, including the fitting of more voluminous air springs to alleviate body roll under more assertive cornering.

    The capacity of the Rolls-Royce twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre Vl2 engine was deemed sufficient. However, the flexibility  of this celebrated power- plant has been exploited to generate an extra 29PS, creating a total output of 600PS. The sense of a single infinite gear has also been dramatised with the addition of a further  50NM of torque, for a total of 900NM.

    Black Badge Ghost highlights:

    • Black Badge Ghost debuts dark side of Post Opulent design
    • 6.75-litre Vl2 engine now delivers increased power (600PS) and torque (900NM)
    • Drivetrain and chassis reengineered for more urgent performance
    • Curated collection  debuts striking Turchese Leather and Technical Carbon veneer
    • Bespoke alloy wheel introduced in Black Badge house style with carbon fibre barrel
    • Infinity lemniscate symbol continues to codify noir expression of Rolls-Royce

    Source: Rolls-Royce PR, PR invitation