• On Aura Tout Vu Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture collection

    Radiation, vital radiance movement, engine of life dynamics of autonomy pragmatic and poetic solar energy, piezoelectric energy, human energy. This is the question and answer of On Aura Tout Vu to the current energy crisis. The inspiration of this collection is based on an existential question that they asked themselves: can human beings turn towards themselves and draw on their own resources to create their own energy? Their answer is in the new Couture or Techno couture. They must look for the solution in their own forces, in their movements and in what surrounds them. On the one hand, the sun can recharge our batteries (in a pictorial sense), but also in a purely utilitarian way with photovoltaic generated energy. On the other hand we have piezo energy, generated by movement. They looked for ways to integrate extremely thin and flexible photovoltaic elements, as well as piezo elements into couture pieces.
    How to store the energy thus produced to recharge our essential smartphones, directly in clothing or through shoes? In a nutshell, how can they actively involve Couture in solving our daily problems? The most important message for them is that everyone on their own small scale can produce their own energy and reduce common electricity consumption. The idea of this collection is that each of us becomes an energetic element that holds part of the solution to the current energy problem.

    Photos: Grégoire Avenel
    Source: On Aura Tout Vu PR