• Prelude: empowering women

    Prelude is a luxury lingerie and swimwear brand, made in Europe, with authentic European design and manufacturing: all the fabrics and qualitative accessories being provided by well-known European providers.

    Prelude is a brand that delicately transcends into the poetry of senses where seduction meets innocence, where drama is artistically entwined with passion and romanticism. All of them painting the picture of silk, lace and embroidery becoming an undeniable universe of beauty and inspiration for the modern woman.

    The Prelude woman is a character that is both empowering and naturally glamorous, a character that is not in the least afraid to splurge in fine things and fine experiences. She is a refined woman who creates her persona under an apparently searched for simplicity, surprising with subtle – or less subtle, at times – details, revealing self-confidence and an inspiring sense of independence.

    I am excited to announce that from now on I am collaborating with Prelude on the occasion of launching their new Tango lingerie collection. I received my favourite pieces from them as a gift.