• The taste of Italy at the fire station in Doha

    Café #999 is a contemporary Italian restaurant located at the ground floor of the Fire Station Art Space, serving authentic Italian food as reimagined by Groupe Ducasse Paris chefs. Merging the world of food and art, Café #999 brings together an artful culinary experience at the Fire Station, a contemporary art space located in the heart of Doha committed to supporting artists, curators and the wider public through its residencies and public programmes.

    Café #999 is the perfect destination for guests of Doha’s art hub to be inspired through inclusive interactions and discussions. With an inspiring culinary space designed by artists and creatives and a compendium of classic Italian dishes, in collaboration with Qatar Museums and IN-Q Enterprises, it promises a one of a kind dining experience. The restaurant offers a menu that is thoroughly Italian in techniques and influences. Café #999 is open every day of the week with a menu of artisanal starters, main dishes and desserts highlighting great Italian classics such as caponata, risotto, pizza, tiramisu and more.

    To complete Café #999’s contemporary trattoria, the restaurant has revamped its interiors and furniture, inspired by retro art with a splash of pop-art patterns and colours. The interior design of the restaurant is also a testament to Fire Station’s artistic identity merged with Italy’s cultural icons. The unique interior design aims to bring to life the soul of Café #999 – inspiring guests to have colourful ideas and discussions, while enjoying a meal.

    Led by Head Chef, Fabio Fioravanti with the support of Executive Chef, Jérémy Cheminade and Head Pastry Chef, Lucas Fourdrinier, the restaurant is a celebration of culture and art, bringing together an immersive artful experience at the Fire Station.

    Groupe Ducasse Paris is deploying its activity in food, restaurant, hospitality, education and consulting. The company constantly develops innovative ideas and ensures their sustainability. Its continuous pursuit of excellence is based on the talent of men and women, the quality of the produce and a great savoir-faire. President and founder, Alain Ducasse is the company’s inspiration and is dedicated to offering a fair cuisine, transmission of knowledge and developing a responsible vision of his profession.
    The restaurant’s revamped interiors and furniture are inspired by retro art with a splash of pop-art patterns and colours. Bursting with vivacious soul and colour, the interior design is also a testament to Fire Station’s artistic identity merged with Italy’s cultural icons, bringing to life the soul of Café #999 and inspiring guests to have colourful ideas and discussions, while enjoying a meal.
    The outdoor seating enjoys the relaxed ambiance of the Fire Station’s central courtyard, centrally located between the museum’s various galleries and exhibits, and enjoying the dulcet sounds of its fountains.

    Fire Station is a contemporary art space committed to supporting artists and curators through its residency programmes and engaging the local communities in Qatar through events and opportunities, including exhibitions and public programmes.
    The building was originally built in 1982 and was the home of Qatar’s first civil defence authority until late 2012, operating as a working fire station. It was repurposed and renovated in 2014 as an ‘adaptive reuse project’ to host the Fire Station: Artist in Residence initiative. Lead architect, Ibrahim Al-Jaida, actively preserved the original details of the building, such as its distinctive honeycomb façade and the tower, and in doing so helped to preserve a piece of Doha’s early- modern architecture. The annex and extended building were later additions to the original structure and together with the plaza, they form the Fire Station complex.
    The Fire Station includes extensive studios and workspaces, a wood shop and a fabrication lab, alongside the Fire Station Cinema, Café 999, Cass Art (art supply shop) and gallery spaces housing local and international art exhibitions. It has grown into a beloved meeting hub for artists and art lovers and enthusiasts in Qatar that nurtures and promotes the development of the local artistic scene.

    I am happy that I collaborated with all of the Alain Ducasse supervised restaurants in Doha as the only blogger of Hungarian origin since my first visit to Qatar.
    Each restaurant was different, unique and special. It was a successful collaboration that I am proud of (especially after my collaboration with IDAM which is the only fine-dining restaurant in Qatar and it was established under the patronage of Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa, as far as I know a Hungarian guest also tried the restaurant).
    I would like to thank the PR manager for her dedicated work, she was very professional throughout the months and her communication was simply flawless. She authentically represented the State of Qatar. She concluded her last email with these words: „I hope to hear from you again when you come back to Doha!  Meanwhile, do take care, enjoy life and stay beautiful!”

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