• WOS Spring/Summer 2021 collection

    In the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, WOS designer Andrey Artyomov continues to explore the interweaving of his own roots and his memories from the epochal 1990s on a whole new level. With tenderness, warmth and his own sense of humor, Andrey plays with lace tulle, crocheted tablecloths, lurex fabrics and plaid oilcloth – all the fabrics he knew from his childhood.

    Using heraldic symbols, he turns the kurai flower, inspired by a local perennial plant and become the emblem of Bashkortostan, into a print on dresses and leggings, and the name of the city of Ufa, written in the Bashkir language, into laconic earrings. Ethnographically accurate details have been reworked beyond recognition and transcribed organically into modern realities.

    The contours of the Bashkir monisto, a traditional vest covered with coins, could be read in the armholes. Anoraks and parkas nod to men’s national costumes while collars are “tied” like national headscarves.

    The only exception is the pattern of ram’s horns – a symbol of fertility and prosperity: it has migrated from traditional embroidery to snow-white sundresses and voluminous shirts practically unchanged. The result is a blend of impressions and overlooked details, in the manner of a patchwork – a favorite WOS technique. When combined in a suit with an asymmetric mini, this collage of checkered fabric creates fantastic novel combinations.

    In more complex patterns, the union of many types of cotton textures of similar shades and contrasting mesh inserts becomes an incredibly intricate play that echoes the way memories and impressions are woven into the very fabric of the future.

    Source: WOS PR